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Peach Vintage Clothing

"Hurdy Gurdy" handmade

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Unique and one off design. Made for ease of wear. Deadstock material used with gold trim on neckline and small pocket. Made to fit sizes 12 to 16. Slightly capped shoulders so it sits at an angel giving a super shape ❤️♻️


Lightweight material. 1960s print. Designed and Made by me. 


***I've been told this is linen material


Please note this item is vintage and may have the odd snags/pull in the lace/linen/silk but nothing noticeable or detrimental unless stated here 🍑

Origanal work. Reworked by me. 

For me it's all about reloving and remaking old textiles that are forgotten. Giving them new love and a new twist on there previous form.

Making something unique and interesting to play our part in the slow fashion movement ♻️