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October 7

Love the authentic vintage pieces they have, they always have something new and wonderful to show us every week. Just love Peach Vintage &Retro style

Susanne O'

August 16 

I'd seriously recommend Peach and Vintage. I've picked up a few beauties recently. Katie gives a very accurate idea of the size of each garment. She always has a big selection. If you're tired of waste and fast fashion, shop at Peach and Vintage.

Anne-Marie K

October 6 · 

Fab shoes, fab price, quick delivery. Pleasure to deal with. Will be back for more ❤️

Muireann W

Steilman Faux Fur Coat

Katie is "modelling" a Faux Fur coat from Steilmann. She adds it over her head to suggest rain coming.

Ornella Jacket

Katie is "modelling a Ornella Jacket. She is crouching over in a position that is causal yet uncomfortable. She wears the jacket backwards to showcase versatility.

Guess Dress

Katie is "modelling" a Black Guess Dress. While sitting on the edge of a shower in the beach House. she is also wearing Prada sun glasses incase the sun gets in her eyes.

Wallis Jacket

Katie is "modelling the Wallis Jacket and holding her hand out looking like she is hailing a taxi but too lazy to take her hand out of her pocket. She is also wearing Prada sunglasses because she wants to look cool doing so.

Vintage Cowboy Boots

Katie is "modelling" a vintage cowboy boot on her head and staring into the distance casually while wondering where the other boot is.